Leaks Repaired in One Day (2)

Same-day fix

All we need is one day to fix your leak. You can use your shower tomorrow if you get your shower leak repair done today. It's quick, it's easy and it gets the job done! 

No Demolition (3)

No demolition

Protect your tiles and prevent leaks without the hassle and cost of ripping them up. No sledgehammers, no grisly mess, no BS – just a smart, no-fuss solution!

Save Thousands (3)

Save thousands

Our prices will save you thousands of dollars in expensive renos. We'll give you a quote upfront so there are no nasty surprises down the track.

Watertight Guarantee (4)

Watertight guarantee

When we say we'll fix your leaks, we mean it. We back all our work with a 5-year watertight guarantee. It's our promise to you that our work will be done to a high standard. 

Ripper solutions for your water leak woes

When it comes to water leaks or waterproofing damage, don't mess around with dodgy DIY fixes. Trust the pros at Fill’d to get it right the first time. We’ve got two solutions guaranteed to fix your bathroom leak if it's not a plumbing issue.

Final finishing work with laying of ceramic tiles. Close-up of hands rubbing interlayer tabs with putty, bucket of putty for tile joints. Two-component, decorative, acid resistant epoxy grout.

Fill’d epoxy grout

Our Fill’d epoxy grout solution is the most cost-effective way to solve a leak with your waterproof membrane. We’re so confident in it that we back it with a 5-year watertight guarantee.


Non-penetrable and non-porous

Our epoxy grout is a highly effective and mould-resistant compound applied over your grout lines. It is non-penetrable and non-porous, providing a complete seal for your showers, bathrooms and balconies without the fuss. Great for fast, no fuss shower leak repairs.



Unlike regular grout that breaks down over time, our epoxy grout is far more durable. It is able to retain its mould and stain resistant properties for much longer. Regardless of whether it is a shower, bathroom or balcony.


Easy to clean

Not only is our epoxy grout stain resistant, but it is also easy to clean without any additional maintenance procedures necessary. It also holds up well to cleaning chemicals used in showers and bathrooms.

Painting old tiles in the kitchen or bathroom white with a small roller and two component paint. Interior renovation.

Fill’d polyurethane coating

We also have a fast curing polyurethane coating for areas where epoxy grout may not be suitable such as mosaic tiles or when a basic facelift is required without undergoing a full-scale reno.


Creates a non-penetrable seal

Our coating locks in strength and waterproofs your tiles with a non-penetrable seal. It protects tiles, keeping them looking great and completely refreshed. It is ideal for high-water areas, providing an effective barrier to repair shower leaks and more.


Gives the space an uplift

If your tiles look drab and tired or your colour scheme outdated, there’s no need to chuck them out like yesterday’s news. Our coating will transform the look of dull, worn-out tiles with an instant facelift without the expensive price tag.


Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance is the hallmark of our coating. No special treatments, no special cleaning technologies. Just do what you’ve been doing to keep your space clean (unless you’re not cleaning at all – but we can’t help you there, mate).


How it works

From start to finish, we'll work our magic and transform your bathroom or shower into a leak-free zone.
But to get there, we have to follow a few key steps to rule out any other issues.

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Detail of air compressor with manometer to measure air pressure

Pressure and flood test

The first step is to get a plumber to do a professional pressure test and flood test to identify the source of the leak. This step is important to ensure the right fix. If your pipes are good, but the flood test fails, the problem is likely with your waterproof membrane, which we can help with.

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Happy Woman Writing On Clipboard With Male Plumber Standing In Kitchen Room

Provide a quote

Once we’ve eliminated a pipe leak, we provide you with a no-obligation quote – it's yours to accept or decline; no pressure. We know our balcony and bathroom leak repair solutions are a fraction of the cost of a full reno, so you can use your savings for more exciting things, like an overseas holiday.

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Final finishing works with ceramic tiles. Close-up - hands, wiping interlayer tabs with putty, seams. A two-component, decorative, acid-resistant epoxy grout. The master is rubbing the seams of tiles on the floor.

Remove grout and fill gaps

We come to your home, remove failed cement grout, and replace with our Fill'd epoxy grout. This creates a watertight seal. The compound is fast-drying and hardy – you can use your bathroom the next day. Our polyurethane coating is a 3-day process with each coating taking one day to cure.

Who we are

Fill'd was started by experienced plumber Cameron Tan in 2021. We offer a cost-effective solution to fix leaky areas across the Sunshine Coast region. Our service helps avoid the need for full renovations or rebuilds.

Using our unique processes to seal your leaking showers, bathrooms and balconies, you'll get a leak-proof and watertight solution without the BS. Beyond being a home repair service, we strive to change the negative perceptions of tradespeople by prioritising exceptional customer service.

If you want to deal with the friendly experts at balcony, bathroom and shower leak repairs Sunshine Coast property owners love, it's got to be Fill'd.

Our Leak Repair Work

We take great pride in our product and workmanship, and won’t leave until we know you’re 100% satisfied.
And for whatever reason you’re unhappy, our team is tops. We’ll come back in a jiffy – no charge.

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Before After

Fix shower, bathroom and balcony leaks fast!

Benefits of Fill'd

Why choose Fill’d?

We’re not your average Joe leak repair professional, nor are we a faceless corporation.
We’re a close-knit team with strong ties to our Sunshine Coast community and will go out of our way to keep you happy.

Leaks Repaired in One Day (2)

Same-day leak repair – no retiling

Same-day leak repairs prevent leaks from causing further damage to your property. Acting quickly can save you from dealing with costly repairs. No more waiting weeks for a reno. We’ll have you ready to go the next day.

No Skimping on Quality (3)

No skimping on quality

No one will be more mortified than us in case of a quality issue. That’s not how we run. We’ve done the hard yards of finding something we believe in and provide a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind. We’ve got your back!

Cheaper Than a Bathroom Reno (3)

Cheaper than a bathroom reno

Worried about the cost? Chuck that worry straight out of the window. We’re so much cheaper than a bathroom reno but still produce the same no-leak results. We'll even clean up the mess after – it's all part of the service.

100% Mould and Mildew Proof (4)

100% mould and mildew proof

​​Leaks can create a damp environment, making it easy for mould and mildew to grow. Our products are non-penetrable and non-porous, which prevents this. Importantly, they are also fade and discolouration proof.

We found this solution because we saw so many people forced into a reno they couldn’t really afford for lack of choice. It is a cost effective bathroom leak repair, with no need for a full fledged reno. We’ve tried and tested our products and are confident they produce the results you want without the mental and financial burden. And because we won’t just take off after doing the job, we’ll give you peace of mind with a 5-year watertight guarantee.

Fill’d is designed to fix leaks where your waterproofing membrane has failed, causing water to leak. It is not a solution for faulty plumbing, be it water or waste pipes. Before we apply the grout to your leaking wet area, we eliminate pipe faults by organising for a licensed plumber to do a pressure test. Once pipe faults are eliminated, you can rest easy knowing that Fill’d can stop your water leaks.

You might have a leak in your shower, bathroom or balcony if you can see signs of loose tiles, mould growing on opposing walls, or water damage in skirting boards or adjacent walls. We're only a call away if you see any of these issues and are happy to come over and suss out the problem, giving you a quick and easy solution where possible.

The good news about our solutions is that they’re a fraction of the cost of a renovation. There’s absolutely no tile removal involved and the whole thing is over in one day. We take about three days for a resurfacing job, but once again, it’s way more cost-effective than a reno. For fast shower leak repairs on the Sunshine Coast that you can trust, give us a bell, We’ll come over to you to provide a free quote that’s yours to accept or decline. No dramas!

Frequently asked questions

Shower Leak Repairs Sunshine Coast

You can trust Get Filled with all bathroom and shower leak repairs on the Sunshine Coast. We have decades of plumbing experience, and we can save you thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation. 

Over the years we have seen many clients spend a lot of money trying to fix bathroom leaks cause by old grout and simple wear and tear. You don’t have to rip it out and start again. Our grout and coating solutions can seal leaking showers and bathroom areas quickly.

If you are an investment property owner, we can usually fix a bathroom in a tenanted house without them having to move out. It’s that easy.

To speak with an expert at repairing leaking bathrooms on the Sunshine Coast, all you have to do is give us a call today.

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