Leaks Repaired in One Day (2)

Leaks repaired in just one day

We’ll fix your bathroom or balcony leak in just one day. Our quick and effective, non-penetrable, non-porous solution is ready tomorrow!

Removes All Mould and Discolouration (3)

Removes all mould and discolouration

Our epoxy grout is 100% mould, mildew, fade and discolouration proof – a fair dinkum solution for any waterproofing issue.

Up to 80% Cheaper Than Retiling (2)

Up to 80% cheaper than retiling

With no retiling or renos necessary, you could save up to 80% of the cost of fixing a bathroom leak. How about that trip to Bali? 

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Better than cement-based grout – say g’day to leak-free living!

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Cheaper than a renovation for your bathroom or balcony

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100% fade and discolouration proof polyaspartic epoxy grout

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100% mould and mildew proof

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Regrouting makes your bathroom or balcony look like new

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Non-penetrable seal to repair leaks without removing tiles

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Workmanship is covered by our 5 year guarantee

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Fair dinkum pricing to get your leaks fixed

Before Fill'd, you’d have to remove your old grout and tiles, install new waterproofing and replace with new tiles to repair a leak in your bathroom or on a balcony. A full-scale reno could easily set you back tens of thousands – draining money from your bank account faster than a speeding bullet.

Luckily for you, we have a ripper solution! We can come to you and fix your leaking shower in one day with our tried-and-tested epoxy grout solution – and not a single tile out of place.

That means, a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay for a balcony, bathroom or shower reno.

Our Leak Repair Work

We take great pride in our product and workmanship, and won’t leave until we know you’re 100% satisfied.
And for whatever reason you’re unhappy, our team is tops. We’ll come back in a jiffy – no charge.

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Easy leak fix process without the fuss

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Detail of air compressor with manometer to measure air pressure

Pressure and flood test

You’ll first need a pressure and flood test to learn more about the leak's source. If the issue is related to your waterproofing membrane, our epoxy grout will work wonders in just one day.

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Happy Woman Writing On Clipboard With Male Plumber Standing In Kitchen Room

Get a quote

Once we get to the bottom of the leak, we’ll give you a free quote. You are free to accept or decline – no dramas! All our work is backed by a 5-year guarantee, so you know we always have your back in case of an issue.

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Final finishing works with ceramic tiles. Close-up - hands, wiping interlayer tabs with putty, seams. A two-component, decorative, acid-resistant epoxy grout. The master is rubbing the seams of tiles on the floor.

Remove grout and fill gaps

Once we finalise the details, we’ll set a date and time with you to come in and remove the grout, fill the gaps and lay the new, watertight epoxy grout that will protect your bathroom from any leaks.

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Why is my bathroom or balcony leaking?

There are many different causes of leaking bathrooms and balconies. Some more obvious than others. The main reason is that waterproofing was incorrectly installed by builders or contractors years ago.

Another reason is as cement-based grout is exposed to the sun and natural elements, it deteriorates with age. Once the grout is broken down, it allows water to pass through to the waterproofing membrane. With constant exposure to water, your waterproofing becomes compromised and causes a leak.

If you think you have a leak, arrange a Fill’d quote to see how affordable and easy it is to repair. For bathroom, shower or balcony leak repairs Sunshine Coast home owners recommend, it has to be Fill'd.

Watch out for these signs of a leak

If you start to find wet patches where you shouldn’t, you may be dealing with a leak. Watch out for these signs:

Watch Out for These Signs of a Leak (3)

High moisture readings

High moisture readings in your shower or bathroom area may indicate inadequate waterproofing or an issue with the waterproofing barrier. The wet areas may also not have been sealed properly.

Watch Out for These Signs of a Leak (3)

Mould or mildew growth

Excess moisture caused by a leak can result in mould and mildew growth. Mould is an airborne spore and dangerous to live with, so if you find it shacking up in your home, get it fixed quickly to keep your family safe.

Watch Out for These Signs of a Leak (3)

Water stains

Puddles, water stains and damp areas are clear indicators of a leak. Yellowish or damp stains in the walls or ceilings may indicate a slow leak, either due to your plumbing or waterproofing breaking down.

Watch Out for These Signs of a Leak (3)

Bubbling walls and floors

If you notice bubbling walls and floors, you’ve likely got a leak on your hands causing the internal moisture. Something like this could also be your plumbing but you won’t know until you get someone to check it out.

Watch Out for These Signs of a Leak (3)

Cracked grout or lifting tiles

Grout doesn’t usually crack for no reason. Same with tiles lifting. There’s probably a leak in your waterproofing membrane due to incorrect installation or improper sealing. The excess moisture is likely causing the problem.

Watch Out for These Signs of a Leak (3)

Musty smells

If the air in your bathroom is smelling a bit funky, you may be dealing with a hidden leak somewhere. These types of leaks are very difficult to find without a trained eye so give your plumber or Fill’d a call and let’s sort you out.

A guaranteed leak repair solution that works

Without tooting our horn, for starters, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. We’re not your average Joe leak repair specialist. That’s why, all our work is backed by a 5-year guarantee on product and workmanship. Enjoy peace of mind with a leak repair solution that works without moving a single tile out of place or paying a heavy price for a balcony or bathroom reno

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