Give your bathroom a facelift in days not weeks

Bathroom resurfacing in just 3 days – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional renovation

Recoat Tiles (2)

Facelift in just 3 days

Transform old and daggy bathrooms into sleek, modern masterpieces in just 3 days.

Watertight Guarantee (4)

Watertight coating finish

A watertight coating solution that'll have your shower or bathroom looking like a million bucks.

Up to 80% Cheaper Than Retiling (2)

Much cheaper than a reno

Give your showers and tiles a good-as-new finish that is up to 10x cheaper than retiling


How does tile resurfacing work?

It’s not rocket science. Bathroom resurfacing is just a ripper solution that can solve a waterproof membrane issues without retiling your shower or bathroom. Before we get to it, the first thing is to pinpoint the source of the leak.

Pressure and flood test

We’ll conduct a pressure and flood test to identify the source of the leak. Any pipe or plumbing issue must be fixed first. Our polyurethane coating will do a stellar job for any issue with your waterproof membrane.

Provide quote

We will provide a free quote once we know the issue and inspect your space. There’s no obligation so you can make a decision – no stress. We assure you that all our resurface work is guaranteed and our experienced team will treat your home as if it were theirs.

Day 1: Remove tapware and apply first coat

On the first day, we remove all tapware. Next we add masking tape and other protective tools to prep the space. We also clean your surfaces to remove dirt and grease and get everything shipshape. Then we apply the first coat and leave it to dry overnight before coming over the next day.

Day 2: Apply second coat

The next day, we’ll do a quick inspection to ensure the first coat is dry before applying the second coat. Once we lay on the second coat, this starts to build up that durable, glossy finish that will turn your bathroom on its head.

Day 3: Third coat and restore all tapware

Once the second coat has cured, we’ll lay on the third coat which will work its magic and instantly elevate the space. Here, we make sure everything's looking spick and span with a smooth finish. Then we put back all your tapware and clean up – leaving your shower or bathroom looking good as new.


Our Leak Repair Work

We take great pride in our product and workmanship, and won’t leave until we know you’re 100% satisfied.
And for whatever reason you’re unhappy, our team is tops. We’ll come back in a jiffy – no charge.

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What's the difference between resurfacing and renovating your bathroom?

Blue bathroom interior with white tile trim wall, glass cabin shower and bath tub. Northwest, USA


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Resurface tiles and grout

check-box 1 (1)

Fix any leaks

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Completed in 3 days

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From as little as $2,000

Modern bathroom in blue and gray tones with mosaic on wide angle view


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Replace tiling

check-box 1 (1)

Replace fixures and vanity

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Completed in 6-8 weeks

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Usually costs $20,000 or more

When does bathroom resurfacing make sense?

Completely retiling a shower or bathroom doesn't suit everyone. Luckily for us all, technology has come a long way. Our bathroom coating solution is the ideal choice for homes and businesses in these situations:


Mosaic tiles

For bathrooms or showers with mosaic tiling, removing and replacing grout or tiles may not be a viable solution. In this particular instance, the best watertight solution that doesn't break the bank is our polyurethane coating.


Removing grout is not economical

Sometimes, removing and replacing grout may not be economical because of the labour and time involved. We highly recommend our bathroom or shower resurfacing for an instant makeover. Without the dust and gruff of removing grout and tiles.


Looking for a no-fuss update

We're all about no-fuss! Our recoating pros will work their magic to transform your bathroom or shower quickly. The best part? You won't need to scrub grout lines, and you can use your bathroom within days not weeks.


Old, daggy tiled bathrooms

Our polyurethane coating is the kingpin of resurfacing a bathroom. It's as tough as nails, water and mould resistant, and built to withstand the daily grind. Your daggy, old bathroom gets a new beginning – and not a single tile out of place.

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Why choose our Fill’d polyurethane coating?

We don’t overcomplicate things. Our bathroom resurfacing service is a standout solution for a bathroom makeover without removing tiles. We reckon you’ll do a happy dance every time you walk in for so many reasons because your new coating:

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Creates a reno feel minus the cost for an instant uplift

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Delivers a hard wearing and scratch resistant surface

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Provides outstanding protection against water and weather

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Prevents the growth of mould and mildew

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Provides a non-penetrable, watertight seal

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Retains gloss without fading or discolouring

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Why Fill’d?

For bathroom resurfacing Sunshine Coast locals rave about, it has to be Get Fill'd. ​​We get it – you don't have time to muck around with lengthy renovations. Our Fill’d coating is quick, easy and heaps more budget-friendly than renovating and starting from scratch. Plus, you’ll be done in 3 days; not 3 weeks (or more).


We’re a local Sunshine Coast team of professionals

We’re local to the Sunshine Coast – always have been, always will be. That means, we get to you quickly and finish the job without any unnecessary delays.


We use only products we believe in

Our polyurethane coating doesn't just look good – it's tough, waterproof, and built to last. We know this because we tried it, we tested it and we believe in it.


We make sure everything is waterproof

We leave no stone unturned in checking and rechecking the space. After our tile resurfacing work is done, we’ll make sure everything is waterproof before we leave for your peace of mind.


We’ll come back if there’s ever a problem

Now, sometimes (though rare) there may be something you’re unhappy with. No worries! We’ll be back within a jiffy to sort you out good as new. We're just one call away. 

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